We offer full digital reporting with web-based tools for real time updates, asset and inventory management and project status/objectives.

  • Residential Owners and Developers
  • Commercial Tenants and Landlords
  • General Contractors

Residential Owners and Developers

  • Our training in hospitality Rehab means we are skilled in fast and seamless turnover.
  • Our roots started in fast track room conversions for many 4-5-star hotel operators. With our logistics arm and training we are adept at closing down floors, creating model rooms with designers and working quickly to re-furnish and update quality interiors at rapid speed. For our residential clients, we provide the same service to help upkeep rental and amenity space quality.
  • We offer full digital reporting with web-based tools for real time updates on project status/objectives.

Commercial Tenants and Landlords

  • EVOS is trained to recognize standard specifications for Landlord turnkeys and build-outs. We are able to procure and warehouse product to mobilize and complete builds at astonishing speed and budget accuracy. Having trained extensively in millwork and atypical rooms arrangements, our construction managers are trained in field verification and rapid sequencing of trades.
  • For Tenants who want to do their own build out, we offer full turnkey services from build-out, furniture procurement delivery and installation, cleaning, move in and liquidation.
  • EVOS provides custom made furniture solutions for open workstations, conference tables, credenzas, pantry and reception desks.

General Contractors

  • EVOS provides an umbrella solution for finishes, drywall and millwork for our General Contracting Partners.
  • EVOS provides an umbrella solution to oversee carpentry, millwork and finishes under one subcontract. We free your time to focus on building complex infrastructure and managing the client.