Proud of our history. Proud of our work.
Proud of our people.


  • Karen Robbie

    Managing Partner

  • Yvonne Pho

    Managing Partner

  • James Cioci

    Chief Financial Officer

  • James Black

    Director of Project Strategy

  • Edison Lazo

    Director of Construction

  • Italo Patino

    Director of Field Operations

  • Chris Morreale

    Director of Operations

  • Andrew Segal

    Director of Warehousing

  • Robert Morgan

    Sales Executive

  • Kevin McLaughlin

    Sales Executive

  • David Milazzo

    Project Manager

  • Javier Talavera

    Project Manager

  • Rebecca Robbie

    Assistant Project Manager

  • Nivardo Moise


  • Patricia D’Antono

    Staff Accountant